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    I made this app for anyone to play and listen to how different musical scales sound.

    A scale is simply a collection of tones. The major scale for instance has 7 different tones, but by changing the pitches of these we can completely change the mood and feel of music. I've picked 40 of my favourites to explore. They have roots from cultures all around the world and some have been in existence for over 50,000 years. The pitch constellation circle will tell you where the tones are situated within an octave and I've included the frequencies for each scale above.

    Strum the harp, add effects with the XY pad, mix key signatures and record your own loops. Enjoy!

    Luke Phillips



    Export Loop

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Arrows - Change scales
    Numbers - Change key signatures
    Letters - Harp notes
    Letters (bottom row) - Bass notes