Femur is me, Luke Phillips.
I like making musical things that anyone can play.

Omni is an app for playing and learning about musical scales.

I've picked 40 of my favourites which can be played by swiping the keys at the bottom. Each scale is simply a collection of tones that can be played in different key signatures and I've included a short blurb about each one. They have roots from cultures all around the world and some have been in existence for over 50,000 years. The pitch constellation circle will tell you where the tones are situated within an octave.

Strum the harp, play with 5 effects using the XY pad, mix key signatures, add bass harmonies and record/download your own loops.

BlokDust is a web-based music making app. By joining blocks together, you can build synthesizers, put effects on your voice, remix & manipulate samples and arrange self-playing musical environments.

As a completely free and open source app, the code is available on Github to learn from, fork and contribute towards. It was made in collaboration with my friends, Luke Twyman from WhiteVinyl and Ed Silverton.

Theremin is a free online synth instrument that makes an array of different sounds. Play it by dragging the cursor or use multiple fingers to fiddle with waveforms, and experiment with the delay, feedback and scuzz sliders.

In the new app version (available for iPhone / iPad and Desktop), you can make layers, record, loop and download creations. The app allows use offline to play live at shows, in the studio or anywhere.